Pocket ADR

Dangerous shipments are a slippery slope and a topic full of information to keep in mind: POCKET ADR is the simplest tool there is, which will support you throughout the process!

  • Do you want to check if your shipment is compliant?
  • Do you want to check if, based on the UN number, there are exemptions for your goods and what economic advantages it can have?
  • Do you want to understand what type of packaging you can use and if this packaging is suitable and/or expired?

These are just a few questions that you can easily answer using POCKET ADR, but you will find many other curiosities and advantageous services to use.

POCKET ADR is also a useful tool for those who do consultancy, as a 4.0 support tool for their business.

Your customer will be able to manage himself independently, but if he is in difficulty he will have your contact just a click away! During login, your customer will in fact enter the data of his Consultant in order to create a direct line with him in case of need.

Join a new technology from Zordan for 22,00€/month: let us help your business!

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