The value of sharing

“Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more you give to others, more life you can receive” – Jim Rohn

The idea of sharing came to me during a hot autumn evening, alone, without nobody leading it to me. It smiled at us, but especially it fascinated us, and we couldn’t ignore it.

Since 2022 represents a new frontier in the ADR normative, and since a simple internal data collection related to chemical products operators gave us a worrying perspective on the expertise, it seemed like a natural consequence.

The delivery of dangerous goods is one of the most challenging parts of the process of handling dangerous goods. It begins with a correct identification of the goods to deliver, and it ends with the unload at the final destination.

To perfectly carry out this task many different professional figures are required, and each and everyone of them must contribute to grant a “chain-production of security”, and thus, the general security of the people, the goods, and the structures involved in the process.

All the individuals that are involved in the operation regarding the dangerous goods delivery, must be adequately and sufficiently trained.

The main operators are:

– sender

– deliverer

– receiver

The other operators are:

– loader

– packager

– filler

– portable tank operator

– unloader


In relation to the different task they will fulfil, each requires a different training.


The ADR consultant is the key figure in analysing, planning, and executing the operation. Also, through the adequate training of the operators involved in the process.


We developed a program of training courses aimed at the different roles and need involved in the process, with the possibility to perform the training at your own location.